The History & Purpose of Universal Christ Church

As remembered and recorded by

Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops


Being born in 1942, in the midst of WWII, I was obviously very aware of the war on a nightly vigilance since German bombs were falling around us all over London and various other cities. When the war ended, people prayed constantly for help, and hope was high to rebuild England. By then, I had realized my gift of healing and took it upon myself to believe that I could make a difference, and I think, in retrospect, that I have. One of the most important parts of my Mediumship at that early age, was to listen to Archangel Haniel and, other wonderful Spirits who told me that I would one day build a school.

Before we get into our organization, I would like to set the scene for those younger people who have no idea what it was like to face such terror as a world war. Today, most wars, for the individuals of the Western World, are far away. They only becoming keenly sensitive to the suffering of others when a family member has been killed in a far-off place where no one knows how it truly is there, or what really happened. The one thing my generation knew was how awful it was to suffer, watching people being pulled from rubble. I explain this for one reason only, and that is to ask you the reader, to remember that no matter the circumstances of today, you are still suffering in some way and, therefore, able to identify with anyone who needs help.

In England, Mediumship had become the way of connecting with those who had died tragically in both WWI & II. Being a psychic child, gifted with empathy and the ability to talk to dead relatives, I was often busy healing and caring for people as I grew up. At sixteen years old, my idea of a school had grown with me. I now wanted a ‘big school’ where people would study how to be psychic so that they could talk directly to their dead relatives. Being a Medium with the Spiritualist Association of GB, taught me, as the years passed, to realize that no one seemed to really care about education into the paranormal. Wherever I went, administering to churches, preaching the gospels, and channeling master teachers, as well as giving proof of surviving after death, I realized I was not thinking big enough. So, I opened my own school in Romford, Essex, called Sumaris Education Center. This school indirectly brought me to The United States, where I met Rev. Anthony Benik. What was to follow was unexpected. I was asked to attend the church and to give a British Spiritualist Church service. What I presented, was something that had not been experienced in Universal Christ Church ever before. Immediately after that, Reverend Benik wanted to ordain me. This was something, that was never done in British Spiritualist Churches. We were all just Mediums. I felt I had to accept, even though I was still returning to England. Little did I know what was to follow.

Fate took a hand in my destiny, as I met and married Stephen Van Coops, who much later became the last President of Universal Christ Church, and who before his death, had made me vow to become the next President of UCC. So, hear I am now Head of the church and ready to explain the reasons for my passion to turn UCC into an on-line school for Alternative and Integrated medicines as well as for New Age counselors and coaches, to be qualified to the standards of University Levels. My journey in creating this Metaphysical Education School of Learning is at last my childhood dream coming true.

My point here is that we all strive to make our dreams come true, even though the road may be long and hard, but if you never give up, you will know you are supported at every juncture, while always growing spiritually. Each is being guided by The Oneness, when you know without a shadow of doubt that you will arrive at your destiny. I never failed to know that I was in God’s hands. My ‘big school’ is so vast; on-line is access to The Whole World-wide. Just think how many billions of people can be learning something new now!

When Reverend Anthony (Tony) ordained me, he had established a church founded upon the, then, New Age, were people were tarot readers, numerologist, astrologers, and healers of various types. In those days, there were no schools. No courses for learning to be a Medium Counselor or Coach either. Everyone was self-taught; psychics without education, suffering intolerably for being different, belittled by churches, temples, and other religions of the world. It was agony being different. But, as you know, “Birds of a feather flock together!’ By making everyone an ordained minister, it was a way to protect them from the old witchcraft laws. In those days, being ordained served its purpose in giving support to awakening philosophies such as The Course of Miracles and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, founded upon the basis of prior psychologists of the past. There was an awakening of acceptance in Past Lives and The Rosicrucian teachings. Finally, after 500 years of suffering, an awakening was occurring. India had become the heart of the world and The Beatles embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly. This was truly ‘The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius into the overlap of The Great Piscean Age. Everyone was suddenly aspiring to be psychic.

In 1970, Reverend Tony, Dortha Parker and Leonard Zawaski all realized that this was the time to establish Universal Christ Church and promptly registered their names, the church and wrote the Constitution and By-laws, taking in to consideration, the future of the church, long after they would no longer be here. At that time of establishing the church, it was held in garages, rented rooms, until enough funds were raised to rent a real church building. There many services were held, while many students attended their classes and courses, all leading to becoming an Ordained Minister. Once each person was ordained, they were then free to practice their works. Some, went on to establish their own schools, under their Charters, given to them by UCC, following their ordination. For several years following 1970 – 1982, the church was remarkably successful. However, hard times were upon us; the church was built upon rented land, soon to be sold and there seemed no where or way for the church to keep going. Those who had Charters, continued their works in other states, some giving spiritual services, while others simply focused on teaching psychic development. The world as we knew it was changing and so was Universal Christ Church.

After my ordination in 1982, I returned to England, to marry Stephen Van Coops. In 1983 we returned to the USA. My work in England had ended and I was on a new journey. As I actively functioned under UCC, I traveled abroad to Japan for years, returning to teach in UK and Europe. As time passed, I became the Head of Education, and my husband the last President of UCC. It seemed like the church was founded upon sand. I was determined to make it rise again on solid ground. In those years, I created many courses, classes, talks and seminars. Today, that wealth of knowledge is now made available to you.

When we look back over the past twenty years, President Stephen Van Coops and I struggled to keep the Church financially above water. We even dug deeply into our own resources. I was determined to develop the church into a new direction, one of metaphysical training as well as spiritual and psychological education, in order to train students to become fully qualified to teach, test and examine future students. Today, my work in Japan has trained over 20,000 people. I have no idea how many I trained in England and Europe, though my Spirit Guides quoted me in the 10,000’s. Who were they, what were their names? I have long forgotten, but thanks to their enquiries and my channeling, I evolved to be here for you today to share with you all that you need to become a teacher for the students of the future, in a world where The Aquarian Age will be focused on unity, education, understanding, philosophy and theology in a vastly different way than before.

As the new President of Universal Christ Church, I hope that you will follow our teachers and counselors who will join us to train you in becoming the best Minister, educator, spiritual advisor, counselor, coach and healer of your day. If you are already trained, then we would welcome you to apply to work with us. My dream has not faded, but rather grown in that my school must now become a well-known organization, founded upon the true standards of education at University Levels wherein we are able to accredit students to gain their Ph.D’s and to also open their own schools.

Currently, we are working with California University f.c.e. If you have a body of study work behind you and would like to know more, then do contact us here on this site. We are seeking assistance in both legal and financial advice and help to expand Universal Christ Church towards forming and becoming a registered Foundation in which metaphysical, paranormal, psychological, and spiritual education will be entwined with the normal practices of medicine and wholistic health. We wish to truly set the standard in advanced studies, so that teachers of the future will be ready to educate the children now being born, and for generations yet to come.