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Our Mission & Purpose


Founding Members Rev Tony Benick & Rev Judy Scaliatine

Founding Members Rev Tony Benick & Rev Judy Scaliatine

If we journey back in time to the Dark Ages, we see that the witch hunting and killing of innocent people was the norm.

Unfortunately, those laws are still very much on the books of the Catholic and other established religious derivatives. In those days, when people began to realize that they had their own ways of thinking about God and how to pray, negative fear controlled the people. Yet, despite a spiritual awakening over the centuries, the old ‘Witch Laws’ still remain in place.

During the late nineteenth century, Spiritualism began to awaken the minds and hearts of individuals who were beginning to understand that the paranormal, was in fact, a spiritual experience that awaken them to knowing that we no longer needed a spokesperson to speak to God on their behave. Thus, the word Medium became the term for anyone who could in those days ‘speak to the dead.’


Rev. Anthony Benick: Founding Pastor/President

Rev. Anthony Benick: Founding Pastor/President

Everyone can understand that those who were considered Mediums were greatly sought, since there have been many wars where men died without comfort, support or even being known to have passed on the front lines of battles. For thousands of years men have charged at one another, killing, and maiming one another, while the women walked the battlefields, dressing wounds and where possible, saving lives. It was inevitable that those women grieved for being witnesses to so much harm done by one nation to another, all in the name of God!

Following the debris of WWII many Americans and Europeans were slaughtered in prison of war camps. Atrocities were done to the Jewish Nation. History had once again repeated itself. Yet, in spite of all these atrocities, we have not fully risen above those old-fashioned ideas. By the time the WWI ended, It was time for Mediums to organize a new faith founded upon spiritual awareness.



The early founders of Spiritualism arose out of native awareness. Those who lived off the land, survived slavery and so much more became gospel singers of the love of God. In time, by the end of WWII spiritualism had been accepted. England accepted and supported many Spiritualist Churches that sprung up around Great Britain. Meanwhile America was beginning to follow in her footsteps. By 1950, The Spiritualist Association of GB was formed. This led to an enormous growth in Spiritual matters. America was to follow the early 1960’s. However, the ‘Witch Laws’ were never removed legally, resulting in unfounded arrests. This led to the beginning of Universal Christ Church being established in 1970 in California, USA.







Ever since the founding members registered UCC, it has been our intention to educate and prepare students to become counselors, healers and, in further education, to become Minister Practitioners or fully qualified Ministers, able to administer all services relative to their religious indoctrination, i.e., Christian, Buddhism, Moslem and other.

The Church was initially founded on the teachings of Jesus and the source for study was The Aquarian Bible. Today, we allow students to study according to their choices. There are written works to be completed and practices to be experienced befitting the church’s standards. Qualification requires written essays, exams, and face to face Q & A online or if able in person.

UCC also accept prior ordination qualifications from other non-denominal churches that have for some reason been dissolved. Prior certification evidence of ordination or qualifications is required together with a personal interview to satisfy the demands of UCC constitution & Bi-laws.





Our Founding Ministers began Universal Christ Church School of Spiritualism, based on The Gospel of Jesus The Christ by Levi. It expanded to incorporate all regions of the world. Their purpose was to train psychics in the paranormal studies, many desiring to go on to become ministers with their own churches, having been trained in both Ministry and Missionary work. Today, we are proud to say that there are still a few with Charters received in the past century who are still giving sermons and teaching according to the standards of all religions and relative practices.

Universal Christ Church was formulated under its Constitution and By-laws to prepare Ministers not only in the ways of the times, but for future growth and practices that were yet to follow as time passed. Today, we are very aware of how the world views have shifted in consciousness to embrace all paranormal, natural and holistic practices, where our Ministers still teach and qualify those who are seeking qualifications to administer to those who suffer emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

All ministers offer both free and private help either one on one or in classes groups as well as face to face or online. Universal Christ Church (UCC) is currently open to new students who embrace any of the known religions of the world. Our founders knew that whether Jewish, Catholic, Episcopalian, Baptist and the list goes on, to include Buddhism, Moslem, Hindu and more. UCC recognizes that there are many pathways to God, The Oneness and all things created.

Our classes and courses will be supported by donation fees, when online, to cover our expenses in using various programs that are essential in making it possible to teach anyone, anywhere in this world. We have one block at this time. We teach in English and in Japanese only. We are currently seeking new Ministers who speak Spanish or students who are interpreters for various other languages who are available to assist in teaching online.



THE FOUNDING MEMBERS: (1970-2000 now all deceased)  

Rev. Leonard Kasawa – Founding Treasurer

Rev. Leonard Kasawa – Founding Treasurer



Rev. Anthony Benick: Founding Pastor/President

Rev. Dortha Parker – Founding Vice President

Rev. Leonard Kasawa – Founding Treasurer

Ordained Teacher Ministers with Charters: Missionaries.(1970 – 2020)

NOTE: There were many more, but the records were destroyed in the 50 year flood in LA in the 1990’s.





















Later Influential Reverend Member Teachers:

Note: There were many others not mentioned here, now all deceased.

Rev. Belva Bliss

Rev. Delbert Granite

Rev. June Wallace Thomson Albertson

Rev. Zapira Mary Choe

Rev. Sherrill Moore

Rev. Nadene Gotlieb

Rev. Dennis Lewis

Rev. Beverly Marcus

Rev. Stephen Van Coops

Rev. Remi Kanai

Rev. Dwayne van Heuvel

Rev. Kumiko Takenaka

Prof. Rev. Margaret Rogers Van Coops


The Late Rev. Stephen & Prof Rev. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

The Late Rev. Stephen & Prof Rev. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Current senior & active ministers:

Judy Blake CA. USA

Nancy Barcellona CA. USA

Richard Campbell CA. USA

Cathie Chester FL. USA

David & Kim Collins CA. USA

Robert Henry PA. USA

Amora Kelly CA. USA.

Jonathon Kimpton NV. USA

Mary Morris CA. USA

Dr. Clyde Parrish OH. USA

Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops AZ. USA

Judi Scaliatine AZ. USA

Mary Stevens CA USA

Elizabeth Storm. WA. USA

Dwayne van den Heuvel NS. CA

Kumi Takenaka. Tokyo. Japan

Remi Kanai Tokyo. Japan

Katie Kamara DC, USA