Each student must first complete the One Year Course and, where needed, have further coaching lessons according to their level of development. This will require a 40-week training with Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops in both theory and practice, as well as written works to be submitted. It should be noted that not all students who complete the first year’s training course will want to become an Ordained Minister, able to administer church services or to become a teacher in spiritual matters. Those who complete the two-year course will be entitled to apply for their personal Charter (School)  to teach and train their own students without the interference of UCC. Universal Christ Church will present a diploma of graduation and, when applied for, issue a charter in the name of the qualified student’s choice for a registration fee. Owing to the vast distances between countries, an Ordination Service will come in the form of a Blessing from The Oneness, Channeled by Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops…


This second year of training, will require a student to be disciplined in weekly lessons in order to realize their passion and goal to fulfill their ambition in being available for those needing to have a wedding, burial, christening, Bar-Mitzvah, etc. relative to religions of their faith. UCC recognizes all faiths and will support all ministers in their endeavors. However, we are not responsible for their works done in the name of Spiritualism. We remind each student that they are responsible for how they conduct themselves both in private and public life like any other Priest, Monk, Padre etc…


UCC will offer further education in seminars, workshops, and online talks with Q & A through the websites of www.sumariseducationcenter.com and www.easypeasysolutions.org where many other topics of interest and serious training in various therapies, including hypnosis, counseling, para-psychology, and various healing modalities, such as Crystal Therapies, Reflexology  and Reiki. We request that students seeking education in any known therapy, to let us know if they are interested to study other topics where training and education can be given serious attention to.


A Big Welcome To You!

We are delighted you are interested in becoming an Ordained Minister under the umbrella of Universal Christ Church & Sumaris education Center. There are, and have been, so many different points of view about religious beliefs which have, throughout the Piscean Age, caused a great deal of suffering in terrible ways, some too horrifying to speak of here. We fully realize just how important it is for those willing to serve Mankind to find credentials that will be accepted in the future, to help the young ones of the future to be able to transform Earth and its inhabitance in ways that will unify every individual to find peace, love and support for one another.


 Below is our existing 2nd year course that will assist you to be a very special influence in the growth of individual people’s future. This course will be spread over 50 weeks, For 40 weeks, a project will be worked on and submitted to UCC. The remaining 10 weeks will be given over to attending workshops on various metaphysical and spiritual studies. Practical exams will be given at the completion of the course in which the student will demonstrate their skills as a Minister. Ordination dates will be set to follow when a spiritual Blessing and messages channeled by Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops will be sent, along with the final documentation of your studies and ordination certificates for Level I & 2. Once an Ordained Minister, you will be entitled to make application to have your own school or church registered with Universal Christ Church and Sumaris Education Center for a low fee to begin your Ministry.



Week 1:          Focus on why you want to be a minister. Write an essay describing your skills and talents and how you would use them.

Week 2:          Comparative analysis of The Aquarian Gospel and The Holy Bible. Write Your findings.

Week 3:          If you had a church, how would it be: Study various other religious organizations, including Science of Mind, and compare. Write your findings.

Week 4:          Read about Siddhartha Buddha’s life and understand the middle road. How could you apply this to your life. Write your findings.

Week 5:          Read about Mohammed’s life. Write about your understandings and how these beliefs affect you

Week 6:          Explore Christian religions and write your findings. Discuss the pro’s and con’s of your understanding.

Week 7:          Explore Judaism or at least two other Middle Eastern, Asian and other religious disciplines. Find the common understanding and write your findings.

Week 8:          Write a talk on Spiritual beliefs around the world and how they relate to spiritualism.

Week 9:          Research Spiritual connections to the Bible: How was Mary’s conversation with Gabriel spiritually psychic? Write your own findings!

Week 10:        Write a wedding ceremony integrating two different religions. I.e. Catholic and Judaism

Week 11:        Write a Memorial service using someone you know as a subject.

Week 12:        Read about exorcism and write your findings applying them to your ministry.

Week 13:        Make a written announcement for your congregation.

Week 14:        Give Psychic Messages to at least three of your friends and acquaintances and as them to give you a written report to send in. Can send audio recording too for critique.

Week 15:        Research the Tenets of The UCC and write how you see yourself working under this banner.

Week 16:        Counsel someone in need and write your report in note forms to provide clarity & references, should you be required to give evidence, without revealing confessions.

Week 17:        Write your thoughts on your progress in this course.

Week 18:        Read “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” Write how this might help you in counsel.

Week 19:        Write a Baptism and Blessing ceremony and submit.

Week 20:        Describe The laying of Hands and the comfort it gives.

Week 21:        Rest and contemplate your journey so far: Write about it in simple form.

Week 22:        Administer help to an individual in need and write a report.

Week 23:        Read a psychology book on self-help and write a report.

Week 24:        Create a filing system for keeping records on clients that you minister to.

Week 25:        Attend a workshop such as Good Samaritans and make connections. Give a written report.

Week 26:        Find someone negative and help them lift their spirits. Write a written report.

Week 27:        UCC verbal exam based on your weekly reports and essays.

Week 28:        Record on audio file and submit: read from the Aquarian Bible aloud and give a heartwarming Talk/sermon

Week 29:        Record audio and submit: Find a group and give a demonstration of spirit messages

Week 30:        Attend or listen to a Psychology course talk. Give a written pov on it.

Week 31:        Read a book on abusive relationships. Discuss in a recording how you would handle such a case and submit.

Week 32:        Do a good deed. Write how you feel and send it in.

Week 33:        Imagine you have lost your hearing. Write about this.

Week 34:        Imagine you have seriously hurt yourself. Relate to the trauma and apply it to help another. Write about it in review.

Week 35:        Investigate your local laws and prepare for becoming a legal minister and all that it entails.

Week 36;        It is Easter or Christmas. Give a recorded sermon and submit it.

Week 37:        Write what “in confidence” means to you as a Minister.

Week 38:        Chose a picture and explain what it means to you in a recording and submit it with a copy of the picture.

Week 39:        Counsel a bereaved client and submit a recording (Can be a drams).

Week 40:        Write and essay on “How I have grown since doing this course


NOTE: All submission will be studied and graded from C to A Levels. There is no failure incurred. However, those who do well will receive their diploma with honors or distinctions. Thus motivating you to do well and become the best Minister you can possibly be. C = Average, B = honors and A = Distinction. Get motivated and do well.